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What is Backflow Testing


Backflow, the reversal of the normal flow within a water system, is a plumbing issue that should be addressed. Backflow repair can fix this problem which may result in pollution contamination within your water system. In simpler terms, backflow can result in contaminated water combining with clean water. This will have an effect of on the water that is used in your sinks and bathtubs.

This unwanted contamination is the reason why regular backflow testing is needed. Backflow testing, usually conducted yearly, involves a test port that is built into your device. A professional plumber/backflow technician will then attach a test kit to this port in order to determine if the device is working properly. If your system is outdoors, you do not even need to be present for this testing. Just be sure to leave the necessary backflow paperwork administered to you by your city or health department.

If thebackflow test determines that the device is not operating correctly, repairs must be made. To repair a backflow, the device has to be cleaned. In order to do so, the device has to be disassembled and cleaned out. Once cleaned of any contaminates it is reassembled and reinstalled. In some cases the backflow device may have to be replaced. This is due to the device being beyond repair. Backflow devices only have to be replaced when the device is cracked or has undergone exposure to extreme temperatures resulting in damage. Statistics show that 5% of devices tested will present a problem and have to be either repaired or replaced.

Your home can greatly benefit from backflow testing because it can solve a major plumbing problem. As homeowners, all you have to do is ensure that backflow testing is done annually and if a problem is present, have a professional fix it. No one wants their water system to transmit contaminated water into their home.

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