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5 Tips For a Successful Bathroom Remodel


Remodeling your bathroom is a great idea and will add value to your home, but be sure to follow some simple guidelines to make the process as easy as possible. First and foremost, if you are not familiar or versed in remodeling, do not attempt to do this project yourself. Plumbers are professionals on remodels and bathroom upgrades. Please contact a professional to assist you if you are a beginner to such projects.

Set yourself a budget and stick to that plan. Fixtures and bathroom components are available in many grades and price ranges. Do your research to find the most compatible items to stay within your budget. Plumbers can also assist in purchasing items at cost through a wholesale supplier, so consider purchasing directly through a plumbing professional company that will assist you and save some money in the process.

Check the space and services you have available and confirm that all the components you desire will comfortably fit in that area. Leave wall space for towel racks and mirrors, and be sure to consider storage space and how much you desire. Remember that a toilet and sink cannot be relocated without plumbing changes, and keep your electrical wiring and services in consideration at all times.

When remodeling your bathroom make sure your new bathroom is easy to clean. Vanities with open spaces under them will be a dust collecting area and if your new toilet sits too close to the tub you will have a very tight area that is unreachable with standard cleaning tools. The bathroom is second behind the kitchen when it comes to breeding areas for germs and bacteria, so make it simple to sanitize.

Last but not least, be sure your new bathroom meets or exceeds all plumbing and electrical codes. This will ensure safety and retain the value of your remodel for years to come. Building codes are like second nature for plumbers and electricians, so be sure to consult them to insure your hard earned money is not being spent in vain. You want to enjoy your new bathroom not rebuild it again.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you might have plenty of questions. Contact Hull Plumbing, Inc. Our Bathroom remodeling experts will answers all of your questions. Call us today at (405) 246-9763.

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