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How to Drain Your Water Heater, and Why?


The water heater of your Oklahoma City home is a complicated appliance. The slightest buildup of sediment in the bottom of the unit affects the performance of the system.

If the system isn’t properly maintained and drained regularly, the system will work harder and inefficiently. Eventually, the system can begin to leak or break down altogether. A corrosive environment within can affect the quality of the water supply.

How often should the system be drained?

Every six months the system should be drained. For most people, this schedule is ideal due to the prevalence of hard water. Depending on your local water supply, you may be able to get away with draining the system. annually. A scheduled draining plan is recommended for all households regardless of the quality of the water supply.

How do you drain your water heater?

The water heater’s power supply should be cut off. This important for both gas and electric units. Next, the valves at either side of the system should be opened. The water should be completely emptied out of the system. If after emptying the system there appears to still be higher concentrations of sediment, consider enhancing the process.

Getting the most out of your draining process

There are several ways to enhance the draining process. One way is to use a vacuum cleaner to suction out all of the sediment that is difficult to remove. The other way is to add cold water periodically throughout the process to loosen up the hardened minerals.

How do you know that it’s probably time to drain your water heater?

One of the first signs is that the system in your Oklahoma City home may be in need of draining is that the system will make odd noises when it is operating. When faucets are turned on, there may appear to be restricted water flow.

The system may begin to become noticeably sluggish. You may begin to see higher utility bills because the system is working much harder than it should. If any of the signs occur, the system needs to be drained.

Draining the system regularly affects the lifespan of the unit. If the system is drained often, the unit’s performance will remain consistent. If not drained, the system will have to be repaired and even replaced often.

If the system hasn’t been maintained on schedule, sediment can accumulate around the thermostat and the heat exchange as well. For a thorough, professional cleaning in your Oklahoma City, OK home, contact Hull Plumbing at (405) 246-9763 to schedule an appointment.

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