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How To Tell if It’s Time For a Drain Cleaning


Keeping your drain clean and free of any clogs is important, however it can be difficult to tell when your drain needs cleaning. One of the most simple ways to tell if your drain needs to be cleaned or cleared is by checking how fast the water drains down the sink. If the water drains abnormally slow, then it means you drain has some sort of blockage and should be cleaned. Many drain cleaners can be dangerous to handle on your own, so it is wise to hire a professional to clean your home’s drains for you. Clearing your drain of any obstruction can help it drain liquids faster.

An obstructed drain can also be noticed by an odor emitted from the affected drain. Over time, due to human hair or other obstructions blocking the drain, it is an ideal place for bacteria to grow. Bacteria grows especially fast in moist environments, and kitchen sinks and restroom sinks are used almost everyday. Bacteria can be very deadly, depending on the type that is growing. Bacteria often emits a smell that is very distinct, and it does not smell good. This is one of the easiest ways to detect whether you have something obstructing your drain or not. Once again, hiring a professional for this task can help clear your drain and remove any bacteria growing in the vicinity, safely and effectively. You should not handle drain cleaners yourself as they are made of very strong chemicals and can easily damage your body if handled incorrectly.

You can also tell when it’s time to clean your drain by checking to see if there is mold. A common and dangerous mold that often builds up in sinks which have drainage clogs is black mold. Black mold is very harmful, and it can cause numerous problems with the human body. One of the main issues it causes is respiratory issues, which damages the lungs. Other affects that black mold can cause are things such as nausea, and can even cause a hemorrhage in rare, more serious cases. Therefore, hiring a professional plumber who can help eradicate mold is the safest most efficient way to clean your drain and prevent future clogs.

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