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3 Tips To Keep Your Old Water Heater Running More Efficiently This Fall

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When your old water heater is getting to the point of crashing, there are three ways that you can make it more efficient. Replacing your water heater can get very expensive, and it may be cheaper to just keep your old one. Hiring a plumber to install a new water heater can be very costly, so following are 3 tips to keep your old water heater running more efficiently this fall, to save you money and energy.

Adjust The Temperature Setting

The first way that you can make your water heater more efficient is to adjust the temperature’s setting. By putting it on the lowest temperature possible, you can make it more efficient. If you prefer to take cooler showers, or wish to do so for better health and only use very hot water when washing your dishes, you can benefit greatly on lower costs by simply turning down the temperature setting.

Flush Your Tank

Another way to make your old water heater more efficient is to flush your tank. It is important to flush your tank at least one time yearly in order to get rid of the sediment that has built-up over the year. By flushing the tank, you can extend the life of the water heater, and also make it more efficient. A good way to remember the date that you flushed your tank is to write it down next to the unit. That way you can flush it on the same day every year without forgetting.

Use a Thermal BlanketFeyv 0Ggeops

The third tip to make your hot water heater more efficient is to wrap a thermal blanket around it, like the one shown in the image, above. This method will help make the temperature regular and make your heat loss rate lower. Some homeowners keep their water heaters in the basement, and if that is the case, than wrapping pipes with foam can also help with reducing heat loss and making the water heater more efficient.

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