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Planning Checklist for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

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So you need (or want) a new bathroom, but really don’t know where to begin. Grab a few home décor magazines, a cup of coffee and get ready – it’s time to create a wish list and a budget for your bathroom remodeling project!

Wish List

What do you consider ‘must haves’ for a new bathroom? A spa-like jetted tub? A large walk-through shower with exquisite Italian marble? How about adding a bidet or a sit-down vanity? Whatever you want, write it down on your wish list. Start your dream bathroom here and fine tune it as you go along.

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Home décor magazines are the best place to discover your home furnishing style and taste. Thumb through magazines and cut-out pictures of bathrooms and bathroom fixtures that you are drawn too. Place the cut-outs on a felt board or glue them to a poster board to create a design board. As the board fills up, you’ll see a decorative pattern emerge that reflects your own personal style, like a dominate color or modern style. This will help you ascertain what to put on your shopping list and what will ultimately end up in your remodeled bathroom.

Creating a Budget

Now that you have an idea of what you like, it’s time to go shopping! Virtual shopping online is an easy way to start fine tuning your wish list and creating a budget. Compare prices of must-have items at several retailers and tally up the totals. Is the total doable? Allow money in the budget for unforeseen extras, like plumbing redesigns or electrical issues that may arise. If must-haves are over budget, keep searching for better prices or re-visit some of your must-haves and select comparable items at cheaper prices.

Go Shopping

When the budget and shopping list have been fined tuned, it’s time to go shopping. Local retailers may be offering sales or closeout prices that will help you stay under budget and a little negotiating can fetch even better prices, especially if buying several big tickets bathroom fixtures from the same retailer.

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