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Problems With Hard Water in Your Home, and Its Causes

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Water is used for washing dishes and clothes, used to water the lawn and the garden. Water is used Cl 0Tednseoqto hose down windows, siding and clean out the gutters. Water is used to wash hands, brush teeth, take baths and showers, and flush the toilet. The many uses of water in the household means free-flowing water is critical. However, hard water poses a problem to water use in the house.

The term “hard water” simply refers to any number of minerals that may be dissolved in the water. The harder the water, the more problems homeowners will experience on several fronts. Hard water leaves deposits: in the shower, scum builds up on walls, curtains, doors and the shower head itself. The scum on the walls and doors may be unsightly, but the hard water deposits on the shower head eventually restrict water flow. The deposits are like concrete. Bathtubs develop permanent hard water rings.

Those with hard water don’t get those light, airy bubbles seen in commercials or on product labels. Hard water suppresses the ability of soap products, such as dishwasher liquid, shampoo, clothes detergent and hand soap, not only to create bubbles, but also to clean as it should. The harder the water that flows through your household’s pipes, the more soap will be required.

When a household has hard water, it is difficult not to constantly fight visible spots on dishware washed in the dishwasher. Clothes washed in hard water look dull and loose their soft feel. Hard water actually causes clothes to wear out faster than if they were washed in soft, mineral-free, water, because fibers are damaged.

Hard water damage doesn’t end with clothing. Just as minerals build up a hard scum on your shower head, so those minerals also build up in the water heater, decreasing the life-span of the appliance and decreasing the efficiency while increasing energy bills. Hard water deposits minerals in all the pipes and plumbing throughout the house, eventually causing the pipes to close up completely.

Hard water also leaves a soap film on the skin that can trap, rather than clean off, grime and bacteria, which unnecessarily can dry out your skin and hair.

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