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Reasons Why Your Garbage Disposal Gets Jammed


We have all experienced the agony of a garbage disposal that suddenly quits operating. If you are wondering why your garbage disposal gets jammed, there are several common reasons why that happens.

Most of the time, the problem is related to “input.” You must remember that a garbage disposal is not a giant carnivorous creature that swallows up everything that gets thrown down its throat. Think of it as a hearty mechanical device that has limitations and digestive problems that can flare up and shut down when you shove too much down that dark hole in the kitchen sink.

There are certain items that should be avoided at all times if you want to keep Mr. Garbage Eater happy. Never spill grease or cooking oil down the drain. When it coagulates it tends to stop the grinding process.

Avoid bones of all sorts, chicken bones, ribs, steal bones are all definite no-no’s and will not only jam your unit, they can also damage the grinding blades. After you trim the dog, don’t dispose of his fur down there either.

Onion skins are notorious for jamming disposals, as are potato skins and stringy vegetables like asparagus and artichokes and other veggies with lots of fiber. Fiber may be good for us, but not for our disposals. Most other vegetables are OK, but the secret is to divide and conquer the waste into smaller portions and dispose of it a bit at a time. Do not shove the whole pile down that sink hole. The same goes for pasta. Don’t shove huge quantities into the unit.

Your disposal does not like large chunks of meat down its hatch. That’s a clog waiting to happen. Surprisingly even coffee grounds and egg shells can cause your garbage eater to burp, hiccup and stop functioning.

Smokers must never throw their cigarette buts down the drain. We should also be conscious of the damage that those little wire bread-ties can do. In fact any plastic items can stop a disposal dead in its tracks.

Keep these rules in mind and your disposal will behave like it should. Is the garbage disposal in your Oklahoma City home acting up? Call Hull Plumbing at (405) 246-9763 and schedule a service call today!

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