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Plumbing Jobs That You Should Not Attempt On Your Own


With all the reality TV programs showing how easy it is to do home projects it is easy to become overly confident in your DIY abilities. The TV star will explain the process and show how it’s done making many people say “how hard can it be?” The fact is although the projects look simple that does not mean you should attempt them without a professionally trained person observing your work.

In the plumbing world it is easy to be lulled into thinking a particular job is easy and it may be. However, attention to detail is a common mistake made by do it yourselfers. A misaligned toilet ring can leak water which may not be noticed and which if not discovered soon can lead to thousands of dollars in collateral water damage. Toilet installation requires a professional. Do not attempt it alone.

Another plumbing job that you will definitely want to call someone with experience to do is snaking a sewer line. The concept is simple. You run this metal wire down the pipe and turn the motor on and viola drainage problem solved. However, unless you know what your doing you may damage your pipes with the snake. It is also possible to get the snake stuck in the pipe or lose the attachment while it is still in the pipe. Any of these situations will require calling a plumber and after all is said it done you would have been better of calling them in the first place.

Installing a bathtub is similar to a toilet and you have been warned of those dangers. Other projects that require a professional plumber include installing a water heater, replacing the piping system, and working on the sewer system. Beyond the possibility of causing damage to your house the insurance company will most likely not pay for the damages due to voiding the policy by not having a professional do the job in the first place. Save the headaches and just call a professional plumber so you can watch more reality TV.

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