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Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning to Unclog Your Drain


When you have a clogged drain it can be very annoying. Whether it is grease and food that is clogging the kitchen sink or hair that is clogging your shower drain, you need to get it unclogged so the drains will drain freely again.

When a clog occurs, most people first turn to chemical drain cleaners. The way they see it is they can go down to the store and pour a bottle down the drain. Some people already have a bottle on hand. They figure that it is quicker and less expensive than calling a plumber. What people do not know is that this can cause more damage than the original clog.

Professional plumbers will tell customers that chemical drain cleaners are a bad idea. The first thing that the customer will think is that the plumber is just saying that because he wants the business. This is not true. The reasons that a plumber will tell you not to use chemical drain cleaners are valid.

The first issue with using a chemical drain cleaner is that it can ruin your piping.The chemical cleaners can erode the pipes faster than they can dissolve the food or hair that has clogged the pipe. Even just one use can cause holes and breakage in the plumbing. If you continue to use chemical drain cleaners, the damage will only worsen. If this happens, it will cost far more than it would for a plumber to come and professionally unclog the drain.

Another reason that chemical drain cleaners are not recommended is what they can do to the environment. Pouring a chemical drain cleaner down the drain is as damaging to the environment as if you were pouring a can of paint thinner down the drain. Chemical drain cleaners can also be dangerous for the plumber as well. If the drain cleaner does not work and you end up calling the plumber after all, the chemicals left behind can be hazardous.

Pouring chemical drain cleaners down the drain are not always effective. These cleaners may be able to clean a part of the clog, they will not always get out the entire clog. In order to clean the entire clog from the drain and ensure that the drain will not clog again, your best bet is to call a plumber. He will come in with an industrial drain cleaning machine. These machines can blast any clog from your pipes so clogs and slow drains will no longer be an issue.

In the long run, choosing a professional plumber over a chemical drain cleaner will save you both time and money. Are the drains in your Oklahoma City home clogged? Call Hull Plumbing at (405) 246-9763 and schedule a service call today!

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