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Handling A Plumbing Emergency


Plumbing is an important system that ensures the efficient flow of water in the building and that if it is not working problem can be very devastating. Once faced with a plumbing emergency one should not panic but adhere to the following regulations.

The first thing to do is to locate where the problem is and switch off the main water valve that supplies water into your building. At times, some water valves are located outside so it is good to locate it and if not, you can call the owner of the building to help you with the location if on a rental property. If the system supplies both hot and cold water do not forget to switch off the taps respectively. Once this completed it is also important that you drain any water that may be flowing in the system, since it is very possible that even after switching off the main valve, water may still be running.

After draining the water, access the degree of damage and check if it is something that you can easily repair or that you will need professional emergency services. If it is something minor then you can repair it on your own, but if it exceeds your knowledge then it is advisable to call professional help.

It is also advisable that you should master your plumbing system early in advance so that in case of any emergency you know where the main valves are. Most of the time you may not have to switch off all the water system in your house or your building because most of the plumbing materials are fitted with sub-main switches that make your work easier. For example if it is the kitchen, there will be a main valve for the kitchen and if the problem is at the kitchen then you need not switch all your water supply system but locate the main valve for the kitchen and switch it off. It is good to always be prepared for any emergency.

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