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Choosing a New Water Heater. What Factors Should I Consider?


Proper Steps to Take When Getting a New Water Heater

If you are not an expert plumber, selecting a new water heater could be quite overwhelming. You may have questions about what type to buy, or which one works the best. Following are some tips on choosing a new water heater for your home. The frequency of maintenance for the water heater will also be discussed.

Before you begin your shopping excursion for water heaters, the first thing you should research is the types of water heaters available. First is an electric water heater. This type of heater uses coils to heat the water. An electric water heater is rudimentary, and is expensive for large houses or buildings to run.

Second, natural gas water heaters are also an option. They use a gas burner at the base of the tank to heat the water. This type of water heater has a higher cost associated than does an electric water heater; however, it runs more efficiently.

Third, propane water heaters are also available. It uses propane as a fuel source to run the water heater. This type of water heater is used when a building doesn’t have a natural gas line attached. You will need a propane tank will need to be located nearby in order to run your hot water heater.

Fourth, oil water heaters are another choice. A vapor mist is created from the oil and the air. The water heater is lit by a spark created by electricity. A mist is then created, which runs the water heater.

Fifth is an energy efficient solar water heater. This can be a cost saving option that uses the heat of the sun to warm up something called a “heat exchanger.” This exchanger heats up any water held in a storage tank.

Last is a tankless water heater. This method does not rely on heating water in a storage tank. Instead, it concentrates on only heating the amount of water that is needed at the present time. You also have the option of using an electric or gas exchanger to heat your water.


Whatever type of water heater you select, maintaining it will help it last longer. To prolong the life of your water heater you should flush it at least annually. Flushing will unclog water lines, and reduce sediment that has collected in your water tank over time.

A hot water tank is necessary to heat the water in your home. Research which type of hot water heater will work best for you. Next, draw a warm bath, and you can enjoy the ease of using your hot water heater.

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