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Reasons Behind a Clogged Toilet


clogged toilet is usually a little problem with big consequences. It is easy for a plumbing professional to fix but is still an inconvenience to you while you wait. Sometimes it is a problem you can solve yourself while other times you need to call in help. The top ten reasons why a toilet clogs at all fall into three categories: foreign objects, pipe problems, and chemicals.

Foreign Objects

1) Accidents happen. If you like having decorations on the back of your toilet, it is not uncommon for those objects to fall into the toilet unnoticed. If they are flushed they can easily back up the system.

2) Some things are flushed intentionally because you do not know they should not be. Feminine products, napkins, and floss are a few commonly flushed items that can clog your drain.

3) Children like to flush things down the toilet. They think it is funny. We know that a hot wheels care will not make it all the way through the drain.

Pipe Issues

4) A common problem with clogs is not getting enough water into the bowl. It can be as simple as the water line not being opened all the way after being closed for repairs.

5) It can also be something a bit more costly, like having an outdated toilet. Some toilets are low flow. While this may be good for the environment, it is bad for clearing pipes.

6) A blocked trap could be the cause of your clog. Sometimes paper gets caught and just needs to be forced out.

7) That can also happen to the drain line.

8) In some cases, we would prefer if you did not try to fix the clog yourself. Some chemicals do more damage than good and can make a plumber’s job difficult. One big one is drano. It is a pretty popular chemical that can clear a clog but it can also destroy the pipe and cause an even bigger back up.

9) Toilet fresheners are used to make the bathroom smell nicer. They sometimes do not dissolve all the way and cause blockages in your drain line.

10) Hard water can leave deposits all throughout your plumbing system. They build up over time in the same way that cholesterol clogs arteries. If you cannot find another reason for your clog, consider this.

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