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Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home


Winter is a cruel month and it is essential to be prepared for the damaging effects it can have on your home. Getting prepared for winter by entering into some basic winterizing tips is a good idea and this article will provide you with 5 tips for doing so properly.

Start Early

Many people wait way to long to start thinking about winterizing their home only to find that damage is done beforehand and they are left with a messy cleanup bill as a result. Don’t wait until the last moment and be sure to leave plenty of time before winter to properly prepare your home for the elements.

Keep Thermometers Handy During Winter

Winterizing is a year long process including winter itself. Keep a thermometer active in each room in your house and measure the temperature in those rooms so that you can make sure that you can properly address any drafty rooms next year.

Keep a list of any rooms that are unusually cold and talk to a professional about installing insulation in these rooms so that you can more efficiently heat your home. If family members complain about the draft in a room then it is a good idea to consider winterizing these rooms with additional insulation.

Learn About Your Windows

Windows are a big sap of heat and if your home has windows that are not properly insulated then you may experience heat loss as a result. Be cognizant of this and explore to see if you may need to make a change to your windows. Ask a professional about the rating of these windows and what may be needed to be done on them to improve their efficiency.

Hot Water Boiler

Have your hot water boiler inspected as well as the circulator pumps that pump hot water from your home throughout your home. Having a good system in place will significantly limit the chance for flooding in your home and can reduce your risk of frozen pipes that may result from a broken heating system.

Bring in the Right Professionals

Unless you are a professional yourself, you should bring in the right professionals to winterize you home. You are not an home expert and your lack of knowledge or insight could be the cause of more home damage than you are aware of. Bring in a professional to help you take the right steps towards winterizing your home.

Winter is nearly here! To get the best advice on winterizing your Oklahoma City home, call Hull Plumbing at (405) 246-9763 today.

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