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Are Replacements Better than Repairs for Plumbing?


One dilemma every homeowner in Oklahoma City, OK has had to face when dealing with a broken down plumbing device is whether to call for repairs or pony up for repiping the unit. It’s true buying new equipment can be costly, but can it be a better option than paying to fix something that keeps breaking?

Many factors go into such a decision. It may cost a lot of money right now to buy a new device, but modern units tend to be more energy efficient and need repairs less frequently. So when is it better to buy a replacement? Let’s take a close look at several key plumbing devices.

Buying New Kitchen Sinks

7Cromnnh 5Y 1Kitchen sinks that have a penchant for cracks could become disastrous. Cracks lead to leaks, which can result in water damage throughout a kitchen.

This may lead to pricey repairs. By installing a brand new sink, you can avoid this situation.

Remember when shopping for a new kitchen sink to look for water-efficient faucets. These can go a long way toward reducing water consumption and saving you money on your water bill.

Replacing Water Heaters

3 9PbbhdqnsWater heaters may be designed to operate for about ten years, but it’s common for them to show signs of old age at a much earlier time.

Rust spots, water leaks and loud noises caused by sediment buildup are all bad signs. Anyone of these could result in a drop in efficiency.

Those of you who are ready to buy a replacement water heater should consider getting a tankless model. It connects directly into a home’s plumbing, which means you have access to an unlimited supply of hot water at any time. Since there’s no tank used to store and heat up water, you get more storage space and save on fuel. These features make tankless water heaters a superior option.

Upgrading Shower Tops

Gt 54Xp 2Ia 2PA buildup of sediment in your shower top could be destructive to your bathroom. It could clog up the plumbing, which can impact water pressure and efficiency.

This could eventually lead to burst pipes and water damage. If you can’t rid of these clogs, it may be time to go shopping for a replacement shower top.

Make sure to get a water-efficient shower top so you can reduce water consumption and save a bit of cash on your water bill.

Purchasing Modern Washing Machines

Xqswo 7Fx 4FpWashing machines are supposed to last about ten years, but many things can go wrong which could prompt homeowners to buy a replacement before then.

Some problems such as leaks due to cracks in the tub or loose drums or motor mounts may be more expensive to fix than it would be to purchase a new machine.

Thankfully modern washing machines tend to be quite eco-friendly. Many are designed to reduce water and energy consumption, which also saves you money in terms of utility charges.

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