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Things to know about burst pipes


When most people think of burst pipes, they think of cascades of water streaming from ceilings, or basements resembling a swimming pool. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes a pipe bursts and only a small trickle of water escapes.

This has many possible causes. Freezing can stretch a pipe and cause a small crack, or joints and couplings can form leaks after time. A full gushing burst pipe is rather easy to find. The subtler small leaks are more difficult to identify, and can actually cause more damage if left unrepaired.

There are many signs of a burst pipe. A wet spot on floors and carpets, or discoloration of ceilings without obvious causes are a couple of signs. If you notice one spot of a floor or ceiling that is constantly wet, or flooring that feels “spongy”, this is indicative of a problem you should have checked out.

Other signs to look for are soft drywall, pooling water in the basement without other causes, a sudden drop in water pressure, or a high-pitched hiss coming from a wet wall, basement, or under fixtures. Wherever the leak is located it is imperative to identify and repair burst pipes as soon as possible.

Leaking pipes can cause a broad spectrum of damage. If you think about it, the Grand Canyon is a result of water damage. It can soften drywall, cause dangerous mold, attract pests, and warp wood. Constant wetness on slabs and foundations can soften the cement and cause cracks and structural damage. Plywood and manufactured sub flooring can delaminate or disintegrate causing potential injury from stepping or falling through the floor.

Regardless of the resulting damage, leaky or burst pipes need to be identified and repaired as soon as possible. It is much more affordable to have a professional identify and repair leaks than it is to repair the damages caused if burst pipes are left unrepaired

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