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How to improve the performance of my water heater?


Homeowners should always stay well informed about how to maintain the various systems installed in their property.

Water heaters are one of these systems which need proper maintenance and care for longer life and reliable performance. It is very important to maintain water heaters because if it is not done, the efficiency and performance of the heater are depleted.

Consider the following while trying to increase water heater performance:

  • Sediments might build up in the water heater tank and hamper the performance of the system. It is advisable for homeowners to keep a check on the tank and see if there is any sediment building up. In such case water needs to be drained and flushed out.
  • There is a pressure-relief valve in heaters which should be checked on a regular basis. This check is to ensure that the heater is not clogged and working smoothly. Many a times there are blown fuses which result in the water heater to not work; in such a situation an experienced electrician should be consulted. In case one notices a strange odor from the water tank, they should always consult a professional plumbing company or contractor. Many a times the water heater pipes are insulated to help keep the heat for longer span of time. This also helps in preventing the heater from getting taxed and over-burdened.
  • Homeowners should develop their own water heater plans keeping in mind the above mentioned points. They can write down the dates and times when the checks were made and the status updates can be noted down. Plumber visits and electrician visits can be noted down so that complete information is available for future.

It is always advisable to consult a professional in case one is not confident of handling a problem. There are plumbing companies that schedule a yearly checkup and help maintain the water heaters regularly. A local water heater repair, maintenance and installation expert, Hull Plumbing provides customers second-to-none service. Call us today at (405) 246-9763 to take advantage of our expertise and have your system maintained the right way.

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