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Things to Inspect Before Buying a Home


Plumbing, while a vital and essential part of any home, is also costly to repair when major issues are discovered. Proper maintenance and corrective measures are important to prevent inconvenient and expensive repairs. With all this in mind, it is a necessity to ensure proper inspection of the plumbing facilities of any home for the new homeowner. Failure to identify potential trouble spots can end up being very uncomfortable and costly. This is why a plumbing inspection is a must.

A plumbing inspection for a new homeowner should be conducted, regardless of the age of the home. Even just built homes can have areas where the builder did not make a proper connection or there has been some recent settling causing fractures or joint leaks. Connections could be improperly fitted and missed during building requiring corrective measures before use. The fact is, plumbing is a connected system and as such is subject to various degrees of problems that are not always under the control of the builder. The builder could have gotten a bad batch of pipe from the plant or the connections and fittings were improperly made from the factory. Any number of variables can come into play in a plumbing system.

For older homes that have been subjected to repeated use, the plumbing system can suffer from deterioration brought about during normal operation. In some situations, the building codes at the time were not as stringent as currently and some failures or potential failures can occur. Other situations could be just normal wear and tear. Regardless of the reason, proper inspection before taking possession of a home can make the difference between being happy with the home and a series of seemingly never ending repairs.

By obtaining a plumbing inspection prior to purchase, a new homeowner can be satisfied that the plumbing system is both efficient and reliable and will provide years of good service. Plumbing inspections serve to protect the homeowner, as well as the home and contents. There is no substitute for a proper inspection done by an experienced and knowledgeable plumbing service. When it is considered that a home is a long term investment, it only makes sense that the investment be protected and secured against damage from a faulty plumbing system that could have been detected before hand.

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