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Learn Why It’s Time to Install a Water Filtration System

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By installing an advanced water filter in your Oklahoma City home, you will achieve a higher quality of life. You can install an advanced water filtration system to filter water from your municipal supply, which will eliminate the need to buy bottled water at a higher cost while protecting your entire family from the common contaminants.

Significantly Reduces the Risk of Cancer Infections

Advanced water filtration systems remove the chlorine by-products from our drinking water; significantly reducing our risks of bladder, rectal and colon cancer infections. The addition of chlorine to our drinking water remains the standard treatment for drinking water to date. Chlorine is inexpensive and easier to use, especially for a large number of people.

The results of a recent study show that people who drink chlorine-treated water are at a higher risk of cancer infection than people who consume water that does not contain chlorine. Although these health concerns have started to wreak havoc, the initiative to find a solution to the problem and guarantee the availability of safe drinking water is yet to begin.

Improved Pre-natal and Post-natal Health

Pure, clean drinking water is essential to unborn and growing children. Only the advanced water filtration systems can selectively clean water of the many possible contaminants while retaining the valuable and healthy minerals that your body requires.

Lead is a heavy metal that can cause severe birth defects, and the need for water filtration among the pregnant women is self-explanatory. Lead is also an important contributing factor to the increasing cases of learning disorders in children. According to research carried out by the EPA, the health and proper development of a child’s mental and physical state, also depends on the availability of clean and pure drinking water.

Protection Against Toxins

Advanced water filtration systems help to protect us from uncountable toxins. Repeated surveys and research has shown that tap water contains over two thousand toxic chemicals.

Water filters provide different levels of protection against toxins, and as such, the experts highly recommend that you opt the advanced water filtration systems because they offer the best possible protection against toxins. If you expose your body to these toxic chemicals, there is a high possibility of cell mutation (cancer), cellular damage, and weakening of the immune systems.

Tap water and bottled water have many organic and inorganic contaminants, some of which may not fall under the toxic chemicals classification, but are equally dangerous.

Less Overall Cost

The installation and continued use of a water filter will cost you much less than either tap water or bottled water. The amount of water you need to produce plastic is three times the amount of water the same plastic container can hold. If you consider the amount of energy it takes to recycle plastics and the overall cost of the treatment, then you will realize that the use of advanced water filtration is the most cost-effective system for drinking water.

Environmental Benefits

The use of plastic containers and chlorine is a major environmental hazard. Since the plastic containers do not decompose, they litter the environment, while chlorine affects some of the plants and animals.

The impact of this environmental pollution is detrimental to the general human population and luckily, the process of water filter installation is not as difficult as people think. Advanced water filtration systems have no negative effects on our environment.

Drinking Water That Tastes and Smells Better

Advanced water filtration systems do not use disinfecting substances such as chlorine which has a repelling smell.

Advanced water filters can filter out the toxic chemicals while retaining the health minerals. The pipes used by our administrations to carry water to our houses are mostly old and rustic. These rustic pipes give the water an unpleasant smell and taste. Bottled water also has an unpleasant smell of plastic.

Better General Health

Nnlojjkc 5M Drinking clean and pure water helps us protect our bodies from many diseases, which leads to better general health. We become better at avoiding cancer infections, learning disorders among our children, birth defects among pregnant women and a host of other diseases especially those caused by bacteria.

Apart from dirt and chemicals found in our water, bacteria are mostly present. Bacterial diseases are among the scariest diseases that most people can encounter in their lives.

Advanced water filtration systems constitute ultraviolet purification systems that kill the bacteria. Advanced water filters also help to reduce or eliminate the possibility of water-related risks that include exposure to carcinogens and endocrine-disruptive chemicals.

Advanced water filters also help in reducing the risk of gastrointestinal disease by removing the harmful elements from the potable water and if you hire an experienced plumber, you can get plenty of insight when it comes to water filter installation.

Important Minerals

Water also contains minerals that are vital to your bodies’ functionalities and health. These minerals include potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Without these minerals, your body will not function at an optimum level. Unlike distilled water, which mostly requires the addition of alkaline and vitamins, water filtered by the advanced water filtration system retains these vital minerals.

Improved Skin Hydration

Water filtered using the advanced water filtration system contains minerals that are necessary to our bodies, and these minerals help to improve the hydration of our skins. Surveys have shown that the people who drink filtered water from their Oklahoma City homes have better skin texture and healthier bodies compared to people who use bottled or untreated tap water.

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