What are the Most Common Causes of Sewer Line Damage?

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Many homeowners do not put much effort into analyzing the condition of the sewer lines around the home. They quietly allow you and your family to live in comfort, until of course, something causes those lines to clog or break down.While it might be hard to pinpoint what are the most common causes of sewer line damage, having your local plumbing professional clean the lines each year can go a long way in protecting your plumbing from one of the following causes of damage.

Penetrating Tree Roots

The number one cause of the sewer lines becoming damaged is tree roots. When these roots grow near the sewer lines, they will bend, block, or even break the sewer line in the effort to reach a water source. Your local plumbing repair company can first do an inspection of the lines with an inline camera, then if roots are present utilize a water jetting process that will destroy all the blockage without causing any damage to the pipes.

Older Clay Pipes

Many older homes utilized clay pipes. While they performed a valuable service in the day, today they have a tendency to break down and crack easily over time. If you have an older home, now is the time to have a plumbing professional inspect the pipes and make any necessary repairs before this small issue becomes a full blown emergency.

If your plumber catches these cracks soon enough, they can make some patch repair work and possibly extend the life of the sewer system.

Issues With the Foundation

While issues with the foundation are not as frequent as other causes of damage to the sewer pipes, it does happen, especially in areas with shifting soil or weak clay foundations. If the foundation of your home is not maintained, it can eventually sink and cause the sewer pipes below it to clog, bend, or possibly break. Your local plumbing repair company can carefully inspect the sewer pipes from the inside, as well as check the foundation to see if it is weighing on the pipes.

While the majority of people do not think about the sewer pipes until an issue arises, taking the time for preventative maintenance of the plumbing can save the homeowner a significant amount of money and inconvenience. The small cost for preventative care will give you piece of mind knowing your plumbing system is going to run efficiently this year.

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