Tips For Making A Good Buget For Your Kitchen Remodling Project

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Budgeting for a kitchen remolding project for your El Rino home begins with a detailreview of all of the available options in flooring, cabinetry, counter tops and appliances. Make a firm decision about what each of these items will be and then obtain the costs. The cost of labor will figure into each of these items so be sure to check the cost of labor.

There are two ways a homeowner can remodel a kitchen: One way is to hire a general contractor and give him the responsibility for bringing everything together; The second way is for the homeowner to sub-contract the work out to the various trades people.

Hiring a general contractor that has remodeled many kitchens will mean that all of the hidden problems will likely be identified in the beginning. Many of these problems are plumbing and electrical. Hooking up the new plumbing to the old supply and drain lines can be a bit complicated, so it will pay to have experts do this work. Think about the new refrigerators with ice makers and cold water. These features need feed lines. Think about the new sink and faucet hook-ups. Consider a new garbage disposal and how that is tied into a discharge line.
Will the sink water lines be exiting the wall at the same place the other lines did?

Of course, the new appliances may require an upgrade in the electrical service panel with new outlets and shock-proof receptacles. The homeowner may want under the cabinet lights which will require a transformer to be installed.

One big advantage to having a general contractor is the counter top will fit perfectly, or the general contractor will be responsible to get it right. The same situation is true of the cabinets; they either fit as planned or the general contractor has a problem and not the homeowner.

If the homeowner acts as the general contractor and sublets the work out, they are responsible for everything that the general contractor is responsible for in the above description. The general contractor will provide a quality job because they know the quality trades people.

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