Faucets that have a water flow greater than 2.75 gallons per minute (gpm) are using more water than necessary. A low-flow aerator faucet will reduce the flow to 2.5 gpm or less and mix air with the flow of water. Allowing air to mix with the water keeps the water pressure steady. You could also save as much as 50% on your water bills by using low-flow aerator faucets and shower heads.

Insulate Your Water Heater's Tank

Test your water heater by touching its surface. If it is warm or even hot to the touch, this suggests the heat is escaping into the atmosphere: its adding to your home's interior temperature and costing more money to heat your water. To preserve the heat for the heating of water only, install an insulating blanket around your water heater. This will work to keep the water in your water heater at a consistent temperature, so your water heater doesn't have to constantly reheat the water it stores.

Install Heat Traps in Your Pipes

A heat trap is essentially an added construction in a pipe that prevents hot water from flowing out of the water heater's tank. Heat traps are designed for either hot water pipes or cold water pipes. You'll need to buy both types if you're having them installed. By installing them you could reduce your water bills by as much as $30.

Invest in an Energy Star Rated Water Heater

Old outdated water heaters are the second highest energy consumers in a home. Replacing them with Energy Star rated heaters can reduce your energy bills 15-55%. Homeowners can find electric, natural gas and solar Energy Star rated high-efficiency water heaters.

Start saving money and our precious energy resources by conserving your hot water usage. The most effective way to do that is to reduce the energy usage of your water heater. If you are not able to invest in an Energy Star rated hot water heater, then reduce your heaters thermostat by 10-20 degrees, reduce water flow rates, insulate your tank and install heat traps in your hot and cold water pipes. Start making your positive mark on the environment by making your hot water heater a more conservative user of energy.

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