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Handling Slab Leaks in Your Home

Do You Have a Leak?

Have you noticed your water bill going up and up with no sign of abating? Do you hear abnormal amounts of water running through your walls? Have you noticed a warm patch on your floor? Is your heating bill going up astronomically? If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, chances are you have a slab leak.

What Are the Obvious Signs of a Leak?

The most prominent signs of a slab leak have been listed below.

- The Sound of Running Water when no Water is Running

If you notice the sound of running water when everything should be quiet, water is flowing from some source. If you are unable to find a visual source, such as a dripping faucet, sprinkler or ice maker, you could have a hidden leak under the slab.

- A Hot Spot on the Floor

Hot water lines are always insulated and are not intended to heat the floor. The only exception to this rule is if the water lines are part of a radiant heating system. If your pets are gravitating to a certain location on your floor in the cooler months, check to see if the spot feels warmer than the rest of the floor. This warm area could be an indication of a slab leak.

- Cracks Appearing in the Walls or the Floor

There are several possible causes of cracks in the floor or the wall. However, if the ground underneath your home is compromised by water flowing from a leak, a great void could open up under the foundation. If this happened, massive stress would be put on the support structures of your home, causing cracks to appear in many different locations.

- Excessive Moisture, Musty Odors or Mildew

A leaking slab allows moisture to creep into the flooring and build up under the carpets. The drywall will transmit the water up the wall to the next floor while simultaneously creating the perfect environment for mildew growth. If you find excessive dampness in your carpets or mildew in or on your walls, you may have a slab leak. You should call a certified plumber to investigate further.

- High Water Bills

Abnormally high water bills can occur for a wide variety of reasons. If you are able to rule out possibilities such as a faulty meter, and you know you haven’t increased your water consumption, you may have a leak.

How Long Do Slab Leak Repairs Take?
Most slab leak repairs are a two-day process. The first day is spent locating the leak and prepping the site.

The second day is spent performing the actual repair. With the proper service, you will have your slab leak repaired in no time!

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