Stop Water Leaks Before They Happen With This Complete Plumbing Care Guide

From a maintenance point of view, it is much easier to prevent leaks from happening (especially slab leaks) than having to deal with the cost and stressful aftermath of the substantial damage to your home that a plumbing leak can cause. That’s why being proactive with your plumbing is so important.

Don’t be daunted by these DIY tasks if you aren’t used to dealing with your plumbing. These tasks are easy to learn and go a long way to prevent leaks and keep costs down. Here is what you need to know.

Get Water Pressure Under ControlWater Pressure Gauge

You probably enjoy the high-powered spray that your shower delivers, along with the ease of filling the sink to do dishes or filling the pot for cooking.

However, that same force is doing serious damage to your pipes. It’s battering them and wearing them down.

Check your water pressure. If it is anything higher than 60 psi, you need a pressure regulator to bring and keep it down at a manageable level (ideally under 50 psi)

Plumber Inspecting SinkFind Leaks First

If you’ve got a flood in your Oklahoma City, OK home, coming from a pipe, chances are that you are tuned in to the fact that you’ve got a leak.

How can you find leaks otherwise? Start by checking all exposed pipes in your home, particularly in the basement and crawl spaces.

Look at the flooring around water-using appliances and look for pooling water and signs of water damage in the past. Make sure to pull them out from the wall and check the hoses. Also, check all your plumbing fixtures for leaks.

Drain Cleaners are not RecommendedDrain Cleaner Product

You’ve got a clogged drain. What are you going to do? Whatever you do, don’t use a commercial clog remover.

While you may have success at the moment to remove the clog, the same acid that breaks it up is also attacking your pipes. Over time, your pipes will crack and break, causing leaks.

Use a plumbing snake instead. For really stubborn clogs, call your plumber for hydro-jetting service. It’s also a good idea to get your drains cleaned by your plumber on a regular basis so that clogs won’t even have a chance to form.

Avoid Corroded PipesCorroded Pipes

Corrosion is your plumbing’s enemy, and you should do everything that you can to slow its process. If you’ve got copper pipes, it’s wise to upgrade to PVC, because it is more rust resistant.

Check your PH balance, because if it is out of whack, that will have a negative impact too. If it’s imbalanced, get a water softener installed.

Don’t put off leak prevention. There is significant upside to keeping them from developing into a bigger problem.